Our vision

A message from David Xiao, Founder and CEO

Local communities are the most basic and most important building block of our society, and small businesses are one of the pillars of local communities.  For too long, technology and economic trends have been pulling local communities apart, as big chain stores and multinational corporations have hollowed out Main Streets across the country.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Technology by its very nature should enable people to do more with less, and with the right technology small businesses should be able to compete just as effectively as large corporations.

Mayor Marty Walsh, a staunch supporter of local businesses
Mayor Marty Walsh, a staunch supporter of local businesses

I founded Gift Uncommon to level one specific playing field where small businesses have long been unable to compete with big chains: the gift card market.  By creating a gift card for a community instead of a single store, I wanted to give shoppers an easy option to support local business that’s tied not to a single store but to the entire community.

There’s much more work to be done to help small businesses reclaim their central role as drivers of employment and growth.  There are many who recognize the importance of this goal and it’s heartening to have the support both of local community members and leaders who are working hard to raise awareness and launch initiatives to support small businesses. Here at Gift Uncommon, we’ll also do our best to make the future brighter for local communities and the small businesses at their heart.