What is Gift Uncommon?

Cranberry Cafe in South BostonWhat is Gift Uncommon?

We create gift cards not for individual stores, but for entire communities.  Each of our gift cards is tied to a specific community, and the card is accepted at all of the participating merchants in that community.

Why community gift cards?

Some of our fondest memories were days spent in our local communities.  Local businesses are the life blood of communities and bring people together to eat, relax, and enjoy time together.  They not only provide valuable jobs, but are an essential part of the social fabric that provides the community with a sense of identity.

Despite their importance, local businesses are often overlooked when it comes to gift cards.  We created our gift cards to provide shoppers a flexible and easy way to give a gift that supports local business.

Why give Gift Uncommon gift cards?

Proud students at Boston Judo ClubLet’s face it, we don’t always remember to get a gift ahead of time and even if we do, we don’t always know what to get someone.

Instead of giving up and getting an impersonal gift card for a big chain, give a Gift Uncommon gift card.  This way you help your recipient discover new stores they’ll love in their neighborhood, and your gift goes to support local businesses instead of big multinational corporations.

Since our gift cards are accepted at all participating local merchants in the community, your recipient is bound to find something they love.

Want to reach us?

Shoot us an email at info@giftuncommon.co or text us at +1 (617) 553-1639!