What is Gift Uncommon?

Gift Uncommon is a community gift card. It’s a gift card not for a specific store, but for an entire community.

Where can I spend my Gift Uncommon gift card?

You can spend your card at any participating merchant in the community indicated on the card. You can find the list of participating merchants at our online directory.

Where can I buy a Gift Uncommon gift card?

Gift Uncommon gift cards are available at our online store and are also available for sale during our scheduled events.  At this time they are not available in person outside of our scheduled events.

Can I spend my Gift Uncommon card in other communities?

Each card can only be used at the merchants listed in the community indicated on the card.

How do I spend my Gift Uncommon card?

Simply bring the card to the merchant you selected and present it when paying.  E-gift cards can be printed out or displayed directly on your mobile device.

Currently cards must be spent in person and cannot be used to pay online or over the phone, unless explicitly noted otherwise in a specific merchant’s listing.

Can I spend my Gift Uncommon card at more than one merchant?

Yes, you can spend part of your gift card at multiple merchants, so go ahead and try each of them out!

The fine print on your card might say it is restricted to being used at one merchant, but we’ve decided it’s not fair to only let
you discover just one of our great merchants, so go ahead and spend it at as many as you like!

Are there any things I can’t use my Gift Uncommon card to pay for?

Gift Uncommon cards can’t be used to pay tips or gratuities.

Also you have to present the Gift Uncommon card in person, so you can’t pay with it online or over the phone, unless explicitly stated otherwise in a specific merchant’s listing.

Are there any fees or expiration dates?

Gift Uncommon cards have no fees and no expiration date.

My recipient didn’t receive my e-gift card, what happened?

Sometimes email clients may mistakenly send your gift card to the spam folder. Please ask your recipient to double-check his or her spam folder to see if it’s there. If it’s still missing, please contact us at and include your order number.

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